Who Wins the West?

03/14/2023 Who Wins the West?

By: Jeff Yoder

The Bruins Own the East, But 8 Teams Are Vying for the No. 1 Seed in the Western Conference

After a trio of games on ice last night, the Stars and Avalanche were both winners, and our NHL Western Conference race still has more questions than answers. One thing is certain — the Boston Bruins are flirting with NHL history. The Bruins have 50 wins (105 points) with 17 games to play as they skate toward the No. 1 overall seed in the Stanley Cup Playoffs. The Metro is a two-horse race between the Devils and Hurricanes. But out west? Eight teams are separated at the top by just five games and nine points, and no one seems to be letting up. Let’s check in on the Bruins’ chase for history and every other team hoping for a chance to keep skating into April.


Reminder: Sixteen of the 32 teams make the postseason — eight from each conference. The top three teams in each division are joined by the top two wild card spots.


Stanley Cup Playoff Picture


Eastern Conference


Atlantic Division

1. Bruins (105 points) 🔥

2. Maple Leafs (88 points) —

3. Lightning (84 points) ❄️

Metropolitan Division

1. Hurricanes (94 points) —

2. Devils (94 points) 🔥

3. Rangers (84 points) ❄️

Wild Card Race

WC1: Penguins (78 points) 🔥

WC2: Islanders (76 points) —


In the Hunt: Panthers (73 points), Sabres (71 points), Capitals (71 points), Senators (70 points), Red Wings (69 points)


Western Conference


Central Division

1. Stars (87 points) 🔥

2. Wild (84 points) 🔥

3. Avalanche (80 points) 🔥

Pacific Division

1. Golden Knights (88 points) 🔥

2. Kings (85 points) —

3. Kraken (81 points) —

Wild Card Race

WC1: Oilers (80 points) —

WC2: Jets (79 points) ❄️


In the Hunt: Predators (73 points), Flames (73 points)


Stanley Cup Playoffs Begin Monday, April 17


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Photo: Ethan Miller / Getty Images