Trade Deadline Week

07/26/2022 Trade Deadline Week

By: Jeff Yoder

The Top Targets With 1 Week Until MLB Trade Deadline (Aug. 2)

The MLB trade deadline is just a week away (Aug. 2, 6:00 pm ET) and things have been quiet. Too quiet… A handful of all-stars and league-shifting playmakers remain on the trade block. And though things haven’t picked up steam just yet, expect a run of moves to come in the week ahead. Here are the top-20 trade targets.


MLB Players Likely to be Traded

Juan Soto (Nationals)

Willson Contreras (Cubs)

Andrew Benintendi (Royals)

Luis Castillo (Reds)

Bryan Reynolds (Pirates)

Ian Happ (Cubs)

Trey Mancini (Orioles)

Joey Gallo (Yankees)

Josh Bell (Nationals)

Tyler Mahle (Reds)


Other Notable Targets: Sean Murphy (Athletics), Frankie Montas (Athletics), Dom Smith (Mets), Jose Quintana (Pirates), Michael Fulmer (Tigers), David Robertson (Cubs), Michael Andujar (Yankees), Brandon Drury (Reds), J.D. Martinez (Red Sox), David Bednar (Pirates)


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Photo: Rich Shultz / Getty Images