Trade Deadline Rewind ⏮️

08/04/2022 Trade Deadline Rewind ⏮️

By: Marissa Kasch

The Top 5 Most Impactful Deadline Trades That Will Shape the 2022 MLB Playoffs

Say what you want about the MLB Trade Deadline and who your rival team acquired, but no one can say that this past week has been boring. Whether you’re cursing the Yankees name right now or basking in the glory of your team’s new star, the trade deadline had something in store for everyone. With nearly 100 transactions in less than two weeks, here are the top five trades that have an immediate impact on the remainder of the 2022 season.


San Diego Soars with Soto

Superstar Juan Soto is headed to San Diego, along with teammate Josh Bell in exchange for Nationals prospects in a blockbuster trade. Soto was the most sought-after player during trade talks, with everyone wondering where he would land. The Padres will benefit from Soto’s role as a big hitter. His average is .246 this season, falling short of his career average (.291), but he has 21 home runs and leads the MLB in walks. Soto is the only player to have more walks than strikeouts in his career.


All the buzz is centered around the Home-Run Derby winner, but Josh Bell is a crucial part of this trade not to be overlooked. Bell is hitting .301 with 57 RBIs and an on-base percentage of .384 (11th in MLB). His bat will also be a valuable (and consistent) asset to the Padres offense.


Dodgers Land Gallo

Yankees Joey Gallo is headed to LA in exchange for Dodgers pitching prospect Clayton Beeter. Gallo struggled this year, which New York fans did not receive well (shocker). The Yankees gave up four prospects for Gallo when he was making headlines in Texas, but his luck did not transfer to the Bronx.


Gallo hit a .159 average with the Yankees, drastically decreasing his trade value. However, if he can find his stride again (the same one that hit 40 homers in a season) and bring his Texas talent to the Dodgers, they will add a powerful bat to their offense at a good value.


Benintendi Bolsters the Bronx

Last Wednesday, the Yankees acquired outfielder Andrew Benintendi from the Royals for pitching prospects. The Yankees had a weak spot in the outfield, but the addition of Benintendi bridges this gap, not to mention his contribution to the Pinstripes offense.


Benintendi is currently hitting .311 and ranks 10th in the MLB in on-base percentage at .387. He has 112 hits so far this season (12th in MLB). The Yankees didn’t need another powerhouse on their already dominant offense, but they got one anyway, and I don’t think any Yankees fans are complaining.


Benintendi will fill in one of New York’s only weak spots while bolstering their strength at the plate. This is a trade all Yankees fans should be happy about (although the rest of baseball fans are probably not so happy about it).


Castillo to the Mariners

RHP Luis Castillo is headed west, to the Seattle Mariners to be exact. The Mariners acquired Castillo in exchange for four prospects, including 3 of their top 5 overall prospects.

Castillo was widely considered the best pitcher available in trade conversations, and the Mariners laid it all on the line to get him. It doesn’t take a sports expert to know that a star pitcher is a major addition to any team, especially those who have a chance to contend in the postseason.


Currently, the Mariners are 12 games back in their division, with the Astros being heavily favored to clinch the playoff spot for the AL West. However, the Mariners are in second place, vying for a Wild Card spot. The addition of Castillo gives Mariners fans hope to end their 20-year postseason drought (longest in MLB).


Castillo has a 2.86 ERA, 90 strikeouts over 85 innings pitched, and a 1.07 WHIP. He will pitch alongside Logan Gilbert, the Mariners current #1 pitcher.


Peralta’s Power Boosts Rays

Veteran outfielder David Peralta is headed to Tampa Bay in a trade with the Diamondbacks. The D-Backs acquired minor league catcher Christian Cerda in exchange for Peralta. Peralta will be a much-needed addition to the Rays struggling offense. The 34-year-old is hitting .248 and holds an on-base percentage of .315. So far this season, he has hit 12 home runs and 41 RBIs.


There is no doubt that Peralta will improve the Rays defense as well, considering his defensive capabilities in the outfield. This trade is a win for the Rays both offensively and defensively. The D-Backs also benefit from the trade. Arizona has plenty of young talented outfielders, so it was time to part ways with Peralta, who didn’t have much left to offer.


The deadline is over. The league has shifted. It’s time for the final 1/3 of the MLB season where pennant races run wild. Let’s do it!


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