The Fields Domino Falls

03/18/2024 The Fields Domino Falls

By: Jeff Yoder

Steelers Acquire QB Justin Fields From Bears, Trade QB Kenny Pickett to Eagles

Thought the NFL frenzy would simmer down? There was more sizzle throughout the weekend as deals kept coming. The Steelers were at the center of a pivotal moment of young quarterbacks on the QB carousel. Pittsburgh acquired QB Justin Fields from the Bears and sent QB Kenny Pickett to the Eagles. The Steelers actually received more for Pickett than they gave up to get Fields, which was kind of shocking. Their quarterback room now features Fields and Russell Wilson, and it appears Wilson will be the starter while Fields can settle into a backup role with a lot less pressure than he faced in Chicago. Pairing Fields with Mike Tomlin could be a beneficial marriage down the road, but that major domino likely signals what many expected — the Bears are about to draft USC QB Caleb Williams with the No. 1 pick in the draft.


Elsewhere, Rams DT Aaron Donald retired somewhat suddenly on Friday. Donald is a future Hall of Famer and a 10-time pro bowler in his 10-year career (think about that accomplishment). He was the NFL’s defensive player of the year three times.


Notable Trades

Steelers Acquire QB Justin Fields From Bears

Eagles Acquire QB Kenny Pickett From Steelers


Notable Retirement

Rams DT Aaron Donald Retires After 10-Year Career


Notable FA Signings

OT Tyron Smith  Jets

Contract: 1 Year, Up To $20 Million


Photo: John Fisher / Getty Images