MLB Power Rankings

07/19/2022 MLB Power Rankings

By: Jeff Yoder

MLB Mid-Season Power Rankings at the All-Star Break

With the All-Star week takeover in the MLB, it’s a good time to do an evaluation of where teams stand heading into the second half of the season. We’ve seen win streaks and hot starts by the Yankees and Mets before the Astros made a furious climb into AL contention. The Angels had a June dropoff of epic proportions while the Braves and Mariners have both strung together massive win streaks in June-July. As the dust settles on the first half, we’re gearing up for the pennant races with 75 days to October. Here’s the latest Sportsletter Power Rankings.


MLB Power Rankings (All-Star Break Edition)

1. Yankees (64-28)

2. Dodgers (60-30)

3. Astros (59-32)

4. Mets (58-35)

5. Braves (56-38)

6. Mariners (51-42)

7. Rays (51-41)

8. Cardinals (50-44)

9. Brewers (50-43)

10. Twins (50-44)


Honorable Mention: 11. Padres (52-42) | 12. Blue Jays (50-43) | 13. Phillies (49-43) | 14. Giants (48-43) | 15. Red Sox (48-45) Full MLB Standings


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