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04/09/2024 Get That Man A Statue

By: Jeff Yoder

Baseball Hall of Fame Announces Statue Plans on 50th Anniversary of Hank Aaron’s Iconic 715th Home Run

Yesterday was a special occasion for baseball fans and MLB players nationwide. On April 8, 1974, Hank Aaron hit his 715th home run and broke the longstanding Babe Ruth-held record for the most HRs in MLB history. Fifty years later, baseball players everywhere paid tribute to Aaron and that iconic moment that took place in Atlanta. Fittingly, the Braves’ home game against the Mets featured the largest of the Aaron tributes. Georgia Governor Brian Kemp officially named April 8 “Henry Louis Aaron Day” in the state of Georgia. That No. 715 home run ball still resides at Truist Park in the ‘Hank Aaron Terrace.’


Aaron still holds the all-time HR record (755), with the exception of Barry Bonds (762), and the validity of Bonds’ record is up for debate. The Baseball Hall of Fame also announced yesterday that a bronze statue of Aaron will be unveiled on May 23 in the Cooperstown Museum. It may be a long, long time until we see another player flirt with Aaron’s record. Giancarlo Stanton is the only active player with more than 400 career home runs (405).


MLB All-Time HR Leaders

Hank Aaron (755 HRs)

Babe Ruth (714 HRs)

Albert Pujols (703 HRs)

Alex Rodriguez (696 HRs)

*Barry Bonds (762 HRs)*


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